Dear Patients,

The Dentaurus clinics are open again to patients.

We have made every effort to meet the stringent requirements for preventing virus transmission. We have changed the organization of work so that both patients and our staff are properly protected:

  1. We work in overalls and disposable aprons
  2. In FFP3 and surgical masks
  3. We use double gloves, goggles and helmets
  4. Offices are disinfected and mechanically ventilated
  5. We use special UV lamps for air purification

Visit procedures:

  1. Registration is ONLY by phone using a survey.
  2. Please make an appointment on time, without accompanying persons (for children with one guardian)
  3. Please wait for a visit to the clinic, you will be invited by the coordinator when the office is ready.
  4. During the stay in the clinic, please strictly follow the instructions of the staff.
  5. The use of special protections against the virus caused the necessity to introduce additional payments for the visit:
    • for our current patients in the amount of PLN 50
    • for patients starting treatment in our clinics first visit PLN 100 – including a mandatory panoramic tooth photo
    • other prices do not change
  6. For epidemiological reasons, we only accept card payments.
  7. NOTE: please kindly arrange physiological needs in advance. Patient toilets are available ONLY in urgent and urgent situations.

Telephone registration prior to visit is absolutely required – please contact us at the following telephone numbers:

+48 56 477 50 60 or  +48 56 477 0 479

+48 58 556 38 16

Please do not come to the clinic without prior telephone contact!