Some patients suffer from malocclusion, which can cause not only bad mood, but also a variety of tooth and periodontal diseases. Therefore, in the case of this type of abnormalities, it is worth going to the dental clinic, in which the orthodontist will help to choose the most optimal solution. 

What is orthodontics?

It is a branch of dentistry dealing with the treatment of malocclusion. Currently, thanks to the use of fixed braces, the treatment time has considerably shortened, on average it takes from 1.5 to 2 years. Also , the effectiveness of the treatment is much higher than in the case of conventional therapy. Additionally, thanks to the use of transparent locks, the braces can be practically imperceptible! 

Orthodontic treatment can be provided regardless of age. It allows to eliminate imperfections of the teeth resulting from untreated malocclusion. At Dentaurus Clinics located in Gdańsk and Toruń, we are also observing a growing interest in the treatment with self-ligating braces, which do not require the use of ligatures and their regular exchanging. Thanks to this, they are definitely less visible than traditional ones. Interestingly, there is no upper age limit in which you can set up the braces. It depends only on the patient’s good will and patience. 

The orthodontic treatment course

It consists of several stages. On the first appointment a wide interview with the patient is carried out, his needs are established and malocclusion is assessed. Then a dental impression is taken, based on which the appropriate type of appliances is selected. The treatment time and check-ups are determined individually for each patient. The final stage is the photo and retention, aimed at consolidating the achieved effect. 

Orthodontist treatment- why is it worth it?

Above all for health. Although the main motivation for patients is the smile aesthetics, we should not forget that malocclusion  affects the teeth, mouth and temporomandibular joints health, and in the perspective it affects the whole organism health. Crooked, crowded teeth are conducive to recurrent inflammation and caries development in the areas witha  difficult access. Such a bite is more exposed to the development of periodontal diseases. Improper placement of the teeth in arches contributes to speech defects, disrupts facial features, and is also the cause of chronic headaches.

The orthodontist dentist will select the most appropriate treatment method, thanks to which you will be able to enjoy not only a beautiful but above all a healthy smile after just over several months. In life-scale, carrying the braces is just an episode. It is not worth postponing consultations with an orthodontist, even at an adult age. We invite you to our clinics in Toruń and Gdańsk, Przymorze district.