We use this procedure if the patient is uncomfortable due to too dark or yellow teeth. There are different methods of whitening from the tile method to whitening with a special lamp. In Dentaurus Clinics in Gdańsk, Toruń and Kalisz, we most often use a tooth whitening lamp with the Beyond system in combination with the original preparations of this system. The choice of the method is always made by the dentist who is taking into account the needs and the patient’s expectations. 

During the teeth whitening process it is recommended to avoid staining food and liquids, e.g. coffee, red wine, beetroots, etc. The effect of a brighter smile is long-lasting, but it takes about 2 weeks for the proper color to stabilize. Teeth whitening often precedes the conservative treatment or prosthetic treatment aimed at improving the cosmetics in the anterior segment. The idea is to get a new, lighter color of the teeth, and then match the color of the crowns or porcelain veneers to it. Teeth whitening belongs to those procedures that significantly improve the quality of life and satisfaction with our appearance. 

Depending on the method as well as the individual characteristics of the patient, the teeth can light up by a few to a dozen shades. The difference is therefore clear. The preparations used for the whitening mostly contain hydrogen peroxide, which in an appropriate concentration leads to the oxidation of the dye substances responsible for discoloration. This procedure can only be carried out on healthy teeth. If you dream of a more beautiful smile, you should heal all the defects, take care of the proper state of the periodontal tissues (eg, cure the problem of exposed dental tooth necks), and also clean your teeth of plaque and deposit. The effects of whitening substances are not subject to dental filling, so they will have to be replaced with new ones, adapted with a color to a new look of a smile. 

To maintain the effects obtained in the surgery or during home whitening, it is worth giving up smoking and limiting the consumption of food and drinks that cause discoloration, such as coffee, tea or red wine. You can use oral hygiene products to prevent discoloration.