Modern prosthetics aims at restoring a healthy and beautiful smile. This can be achieved either by improving the functions and cosmetics of the teeth (veneers, prosthetic crowns), or by supplementing the removed teeth using crowns supported on implants or teeth. It is also possible to use slightly simpler and cheaper solutions in the form of removable dentures, attached to the implants with snaps or telescopic crowns. Such treatment requires extensive knowledge about surgery, implantology and dental prosthetics. 

Veneers are very thin scales made of porcelain that are stuck on the front surface of the patient’s own tooth. They are aimed at improving the cosmetics of the patient’s own teeth. Their advantages include the minimum degree of tooth grinding and exceptional cosmetic qualities. 

Ceramic crowns – allow to improve cosmetics with simultaneous restoration of the tooth structure and increase of its strength. They are associated with a larger preparation scope – the prosthetic crown covers the entire tooth, and not only its front part, but has a higher mechanical strength in comparison to the veneer. 

A prosthetic bridge – a few crowns connected in one piece. The bridge is cemented on the pillar teeth and it rebuilds the missing teeth. 

Crowns based on implants – advanced prosthetics. After the period of healing of the implants they constitute artificial roots and can be attached to the crowns. Their advantage over the bridge is the fact that they do not require teeth grinding adjacent to the gap. They are also more beneficial in the mechanical sense. In the case of a bridge, all chewing forces fall on the polished pillar teeth so that they are overloaded. In the case of implants, they transfer the chewing forces, which significantly relieve the adjacent teeth. 

Telescopic crowns – they fasten the removable works. Thanks to a very good maintenance on the ground, such works with the appropriate number of pillars can take the form of a removable bridge. This is a huge difference , especially for patients wearing classic dentures, in which the built-in palate disturbs the perception of taste and causes discomfort. In addition, works on the telescopes, thanks to the specific force distribution , allows you to combine in one work your own teeth and implants and give a favorable distribution of chewing forces.

Modern prosthetics in a wide range of methods is available at Dentaurus Clinics in Toruń and Gdańsk.