Modern medicine attaches great importance to the fastest possible diagnosis of all disease states. Therefore, the patient’s active participation in the whole treatment process is so important. For this reason, we focus on educating patients so that they can pick up the alarming symptoms themselves and ask for advice and possible treatment as soon as possible. Our patients know that no pathologies should be underestimated, and the waiting strategy leads inevitably to the development of the disease and, as a result, to toothache and worsening of the prognosis. This entails more complicated and, consequently, more expensive procedures. 

For example, even the smallest cavity left untreated can lead to inflammation of the pulp. As a result, this leads to canal root treatment. In turn, abandoning this procedure leads to pain, discomfort, and in extreme cases even to tooth loss. That is why we attach so much importance to the teeth check up, which should be performed every six months. Such a procedure allows to catch the problem at an early stage and to quickly implement the help during a short and painless visit. That’s why modern dentistry can be really pleasant and stress free. 

In modern dentistry, canal root treatment has become one of the most frequently performed procedures. Many of the teeth that until recently qualified for extraction, today we can successfully cure. Canal root treatment is often used for caries damaged, broken or as a preparation for prosthetic treatment. It happens that you can save the roots rooted in the gum, which after the canal treatment and prosthetic reconstruction serve the patient for many years. Remember that the best and cheapest implant is always your own root! 

In the case of a toothache, canal root treatment is now the treatment of choice. In order to properly treat the root canal, remove the inflammatory pulp or mass of the gangrene, then sterilize it and fill it with a biocompatible material. It is important to open the canals to the end so that all organic residues are removed. Otherwise, it is highly possible taht the pain will come back. Properly opened, widened and then tightly filled root canal is a guarantee that the tooth will serve us for many years. We avoid not only discomfort, but also additional costs associated with more advanced procedures. Due to the fact that teeth after canal root treatment are more susceptible to fractures, we often strengthen them with glass fibers or crown-root inserts. A prosthetic crown, for example, can be used on a tooth prepared in this way. This ensures the appearance and strength of your own tooth!