Dental implants are the most modern achievement of dentistry. The technology is used for people who ,for various reasons, have lost their teeth and they want to regain a healthy, natural smile. Because of that a growing number of patients resign from uncomfortable removable dentures and they decide to have an implant. 

It is worth noticing that the teeth restoration does not involve activities within the patient’s own teeth, including bone grinding, which is necessary in the case of prosthetic bridges. The standard procedure consists in screwing the titanium implant in the place of the lost teeth.

After about 3 months a special all-ceramic crown, prepared precisely for each patient , can be made on the titanium adapter of the implant. Thanks to this, the final effect is reminiscent of a patient’s own tooth. In some cases if you get good implantation stability (proper insertion of the titanium screw in the bone tissue), you can even make a temporary crown immediately after its insertion. The choice of the method is made by the doctor. 

The key problem in implantology is the lack of enough bone to implant a titanium screw. The phenomenon of bone loss is a natural consequence of the aging process of the body, it can appear because of many diseases (eg, periodontitis, osteoporosis, metabolic disorders), it also occurs after the tooth extraction. It is especially important that when planning a tooth extraction, we consider immediate implantation, it may turn out that if you decide to have a surgery in a few years, you will have a problem with insufficient bone. It has been found that even in the first year after the extraction, bone loss can be as high as 40%! 

If the bone has already disappeared, some procedures can increase the bone volume. Such procedures include sinus lift (maxillary sinus lift), bone and soft tissue transplant, alveolar extension and others. Thanks to these procedures, the implantation can be performed even in the most difficult cases. However, it is always worth to think about the progressive bone loss. Then the treatment is simpler, and much cheaper. 

In our Clinic we use different prosthetic solutions, such as, eg. Xive and Ankylos tooth implants from Dentsply Friadent or Q Trinnon implants. The system is selected based on specific bone conditions as well as the patient’s expectations. Having several systems in the scope of the prosthetic solution allows us to size the implants to the  specific bone conditions, and thus, to use of this prosthetic rebuilding,  especially in difficult conditions. 

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