Aesthetic dentistry

A well cared-for and beautiful smile is a signature of a person. Nice teeth raise self-confidence and encourage to smile a lot. The person looks younger and looks more cheerful. How to achieve this effect? Aesthetic dentistry brings the answer.
In fact, hardly anyone can boast of the perfect smile given by nature. Age, oral hygiene, diet, smoking – these are just some of the factors that have an  influence on the appearance of our teeth. Fortunately, modern aesthetic dentistry has effective and non-invasive methods to improve the appearance of our teeth. One of them is a porcelain veneer. 

What is the improvement of smile with the use of veneers? 

Veneers are thin porcelain flakes that permanently cement onto the front (facing) tooth surface. Beforw being cemented, the tooth requires a delicate grinding. While waiting for the individually matched porcelain veneers, the patient wears temporary veneers – most often made of acrylic. The veneer’s durability is high. While maintaining a proper oral hygiene and systematic appointments,  the dental veneers can be worn even up to several years,  before they will require replacement. 

This method works well when the patient wants to improve the shape and the color of the teeth. By using the veneers diastems can be removed (gaps between teeth), we can gently align the length of the teeth and improve their shape. Veneers effectively mask discoloration and slight tooth injuries – for example, the crumbled incisal edge of the tooth. Porcelain is a material resistant to sediment formation, including plaque deposition. Therefore, porcelain-coated teeth are largely protected against the development of caries. Porcelain does not discolour under the influence of diet or cigarette smoke. Drinking coffee, tea, juice or red wine does not hurt the white smile. 

As part of aesthetic dentistry, treatments are also carried out to improve the setting of the teeth, and thus the gum line. Our dentists carry out procedures such as covering the gums recession, eliminating the gum smile, aligning the course of the gum garland, and removing gingival hypertrophy. We invite you for aesthetic consultations to Dentaurus Clinics in Gdańsk and Toruń